Monday, 14 November 2016

web scrapping with python BeautifulSoup

Web scrapping series :

(Dig out web data)

Part 1:

URL used for scrapping :

Today i am going to dig out data from a website without visiting the website . Say we are going to search a word (jalukbari) in the site . It will look like bellow .


In our result we are getting like some result .

Now my script should dig out same data from the site ,

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import os
a=raw_input('Enter your query:')
for i in range(len(g_data[0].find_all("div",{"class":"views-field views-field-title"}))):
        print 'Institiute-'+str(i),":"+g_data[0].find_all("div",{"class":"views-field views-field-title"})[i].text
        print '\nDescription:',g_data[0].find_all("span",{"class":"field-content"})[i].text

After running the script you will get the following result :


We got the exact same result as we got from above search  .Bellow is another search result .

Enjoy . We have just created a API for this site

In next article i will scrap data from different sites like, , and and many more .

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