Wednesday, 28 January 2015

how to share any folder of your pc over ftp or vsftp

How to share any folder of your PC over ftp or vs-ftp

say i need to  share /media/usb5/ftp folder over ftp ...

Follow the following steps:

As we know The default location on ftp is /home/user/.

* mkdir /media/usb5/ftp

now see when u do "ftp ip-of-ur-pc" from a another pc , u will have /home/user/ as default location .  so we will go  as follow.

* mount --bind /media/usb5/ftp /home/user/


* service vsftpd restart

dats all

put all the file u want to share over ftp on /media/usb5/ftp folder with proper
permission .

If u want to default location back ,

* umount /media/usb5/ftp

Writer: Anuj Borah

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